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I'm a Type 1 Diabetic Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Coach

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Los Angeles county, CA


raised by iranian/American immigrants. Born and raised in Palmdale, CA

Type 1 Diabetic

T1D for 18 YEars, since the age of 10 years old.

Currently, use a Dexcom CGM G6 to monitor blood glucose and a Tandem T-slim Pump to inject my daily dose of insulin.

My purpose here on earth

Help myself and others realize their true potential, bring structure to your mental/physical WELL-BEING, and find clarity. Anything we want, we can achieve through hard work and DISCIPLINE.

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Fun Facts About ME

I love listening and creating Music

As a kid, I could remember loving all types of music. My dad was a big music connoisseur. I played trumpet and piano as a kid growing up. As I approached college, I realized I could create music with a computer! I produce music for fun on my laptop using Ableton Live. I love all genres of music but have a place for jazz, electronic, house, and hip-hop.

I majored in chemistry, but don't work in this field

I obtained my B.S. in chemistry. I am forever grateful for the experience but realized I shouldn't limit my career and growth to Chemistry. I switched up my career many times and finally found a passion for helping others bring structure to their mental/physical well-being. I currently work in clinical research at the moment.

I only recently have taken my diabetes seriously and turned my life around.

Growing up, I had poor control over my diabetes, mental health, and well-being. I had uncontrollable anxiety, poor blood glucose levels, addictive behaviors, and poor decision-making abilities. Over the past 7-years, I have turned my life around for the better. I want to share what I did to get my life together and show you that no matter what stage you are in life, you can improve it for the better.

Challenge yourself Daily & Find Clarity

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